Mr. & Mrs. Dickens

Their Wedding Story…

How did you meet? 

We met at my best friend’s birthday party at Don’s downtown during Mardi Gras. My husband Murray was pretty much crashing the party. We sat across from one another and went through the usual I’m-kind-of-interested-in-you Q&A portion of the evening. When I told him I was from Leesville he responded, “You’re a Wampus Cat?” Not many people even know where Leesville is, let alone its obscure high school mascot. It was unconventional and humorous, so…I was in.  Unconventional and humorous also aptly defines the rest of that night (read: him taking my obnoxiously high maintenance drink orders) and our relationship.

How long were you together before the question was popped?

10 months.

How did he propose? 

We went on a 10-day Thanksgiving excursion to see his family in Mississippi (and pick up my ring, unbeknownst to me.) We made a detour to Memphis and headed back to Louisiana to see my family before heading home to Lafayette. As soon as we got to our house, like I think the door might have still been open, he proposed.

The one thing that must be noted about our proposal story is that we were wearing the last items of clean clothes after a 10-day trip. Nothing matched, half pajamas, half regular clothes, weird socks you can’t even remember why you packed in the first place. The irony is not lost on me that for one of the most beautiful moments of our lives we looked like Raggedy Ann and Andy.

How did you react after he proposed? 

I had the most shocking reaction to the proposal. I cried…and I don’t mean I teared up and dabbed the corners of my eyes. I sobbed – ugly cried – for a while! When I finally looked at the ring, my hands were shaking. I was crying and shaking so much Murray actually had to say, “OK, I think you need to sit down.” So, in short, I kept it cool.

It was just a truly overwhelming moment for me. Happy doesn’t’ really describe it. Elated is closer…but still scratching the surface. Then, we celebrated by eating a DiGiorno pizza on the couch. Stuffed crust, we aren’t animals.

Was there anything that influenced your wedding location? 

We knew that we wanted the ceremony and reception venues to be the same place or very close to one another. We wanted a spot that felt like somewhere we would hang out. Murray’s 10-year high school reunion was at Warehouse 535, and within maybe 10 minutes of being there we had decided that’s where we would do the ceremony and the reception. The venue is so cool and unique. It’s a space you can truly make your own. I can’t imagine a better location for us.

What was your theme/vision? 

Above all else, I wanted something that felt like us. I wanted it to be a reflection of our relationship and our life together. I knew exactly what aesthetic vibe I wanted – and it’s basically the one that describes my design preference as a whole – romantic, vintage, whimsical and moody.

Favorite moments: 

I can’t pick a favorite moment from that day. It was perfect. If you could bottle that feeling, it would be an illegal substance – it’s way too good.

We wanted our wedding small. And all of my favorite moments from our wedding reflect that decision. We got to fully enjoy the ceremony and reception with each other and with the people who truly are our nearest and dearest.

Our wedding ceremony was a tight-knit family affair. We had a bridal party of two. My sister Lorianna was my bridesmaid. His brother Walker was his groomsman. Walker also walked their mom down the aisle. My younger cousin Braden walked my mom, who is also his godmother.

My Uncle Kevin performed our ceremony. One of my favorite moments came from him. Since I’ve known him, he has professed that his favorite rock band, of all time mind you, is the Monkees. I have always maintained that is a ridiculous favorite band. During the ceremony, he went off script….”I’d like to quote the best rock and roll band in history, the Monkees, ‘all men must have someone; someone to stand beside them…someone to understand them; and you just may be the one.’” So, I’m starting to warm up to the Monkees.

Advice to future brides: 

My biggest piece of advice to any bride is that you can have whatever wedding you want! I don’t mean that in a Veruca Salt “I want it now, Daddy” way either. When you start planning your wedding people will start to tell you all of the things you have to do. Formalities and formats to follow, vendors to use – it’s kind of endless. You don’t have to do any of it. There is nothing wrong with throwing as much of that, or all of that, out of the window. Create your own perfect day. Also, get creative with your vendors. The most well known people might not be the best for you…it will create a more personalized experience and it can be more budget friendly!

You can have your planning down to a fine science – no detail left behind. You will still forget something. So let it go. Example: We took an Uber home after our wedding. We had 100 wedding planning spreadsheets and lists between the two of us, and we still forgot that we had to get home somehow.

The Vendors: 

THE VENDORS! They are the real MVPs. Each of them did an outstanding job! (See above for that getting creative tid bit.)

Warehouse 535…I know they’re not exactly a vendor, but they were so helpful and exceeded all of my expectations.

Annie Bonaventure: Annie did the hair and makeup for my mom, my sister and me. Our finished looks were exactly what each of us wanted. She does amazing work. Side note: She’s so laid back that she’s the perfect person to have around on your wedding day.

Pop’s Poboys: We knew we didn’t want standard wedding food. We played around with the idea of a pizza bar, but that wasn’t really practical. Pop’s is one of our favorite restaurants, and after meeting with them and discussing menu options, it was immediately a done deal. They created a build your own poboy bar with some of the most insanely delicious sides you’ve ever had. Seriously, people are still talking about the food from our wedding. They also made mini key lime pies in lieu of a groom’s cake.

A Piece of Cake: A Piece of Cake did our wedding cake to my exact specifications. It was beautiful and delicious (and I’m not even a cake person).

Luna Botanicals: I wanted the tones and textures of my flowers to be dark and moody with lots lush ferns for greenery. I had worked with Jeanne previously and knew that she could execute my vision. So I asked her and her husband Stephen if their botanical company would like to do the flowers for my wedding. It was the first wedding they had ever done and they absolutely killed it. They constructed my dream arch to get married under and all of the flowers (small center pieces, my bouquet and the boutonnieres) were whimsical and dramatic.

Midnight Moon Event Rentals: I found these ladies on Instagram. They’re a local company who has an extensive and amazing collection of vintage pieces and oddities. Vintage oddities are exactly what I wanted for my wedding. Candelabras, amber apothecary jars, antique scales, bell jars and tons more. I also rented mix-matched pieces of China to serve on, which was a perfect addition. Anything I decided I wanted….they knew how to find it!

Music:  The music was pretty important to us. It’s something we didn’t want to settle on. I walked down the aisle to “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac. We exited the ceremony to “Mandolin Wind” by Rod Stewart. Our first dance was to “Coming Home” by Leon Bridges. We danced with our parents to “In My Life” by the Beatles.

The same night we decided our venue was going to Warehouse 535…we decided our band had to be Dank Chick. And not just because it’s great hearing parents and professionals say “Dank Chick” during your wedding planning. They shut it down. Everyone danced all night. One of our friends said they felt like they were at a wedding and a concert.

Fusion Photography: It’s safe to say the pictures speak for themselves, but there is absolutely no way I can leave this out! I’m lucky enough to get to work with Jennifer regularly, because she does so much wonderful work for Acadiana LifeStyle. She has such a keen artistic eye and is a master at capturing colors and textures. Jennifer is also fast and she has a way of kind of floating on the outside while still capturing the heart and beauty of them moment. I could not be happier with my pictures. (I look at them so often it’s slightly embarrassing.)



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