Getting your home ready to sale

It’s a New Year with new goals and new listings!

What better time to have your listings stand out and be picture perfect. Below is a checklist for your sellers and yourself to help get their home ready for sale and professional pictures.

Harolyn 1a

The Week Before the Shoot


Quiet Oaks-56-2



Landscape-weed flower beds, add fresh mulch, add seasonal plants and flowers

Pressurewash driveways, sidewalks, windows and patios

Organize/Remove any outdoor childrens’ toys

Mow the Lawn

Clean the Pool






Replace non-functioning light bulbs

Remove clutter in all rooms

Give your home a deep cleaning including windows and walls

Quiet Oaks-32-2

The Day of the Session



Remove cars from the driveway and front of home

Remove garbage cans from view

Put away garden hose, sprinklers, shovels etc.

Remove pool cleaners and toys

Sweep leaves


Kitchen/Dining Rooms



Llansfair-13-2Remove all items from counter tops(detergents, sponges, dishes, rags)

Wipe down counter tops

Remove magnets/stickers/photos from refrigerator

Hide trash cans

Add fresh flower/fruit bowl

Add centerpieces or cutlery to dining room table





Oats-47-2 Wipe down counter tops

Remove all items from counter tops

Remove all items from shower/tub (soaps, shampoo, body wash)

Put away all personal items(toiletries, cosmetics, scales, kids toys)

Hide trash cans

Close the toilet lids

Refill toilet paper rolls




English Gardens-12-2

Put away clothes

Tidy the closet

Make all beds

Tidy all tops of furniture



English Gardens-60

All Rooms

Open windows curtains and turn blinds horizontally

Clean the floors- sweep, mop, vacuum

Turn on all ceiling fans

Hide all power cords, cables, chargers

Remove all pet bowls, pet beds and pet toys

Turn off TVs and hide remotes


Our photographers use large equipment that can threaten or confuse animals, so for the safety of your pets and our photographers, please put pets away or remove them from the premises prior to the shoot.


Hope this gets your new year and your listing off to a great start!

Smiles – Jennifer Beslin

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