Knight and Edge Real Estate Team

Meet Julie and Ashley!

commercial modern headshot

They came into the studio wanting a modern headshot. They both work with Van Eaton and Romero their story as women in business  is unique. Everytime I have worked with these two I can tell they are determined to achieve the best results for their clients.

22382320_2038674066377404_5379153431148060435_oWhat was the deciding factor for you guys to join and create the Knight and Edge Real Estate team?

 A We love answering this question! Julie and I used to live in the same neighborhood growing up and she used to babysit me! And then my family moved and we ended up losing touch over the years. And then one day we were at the VER office in a class together and Julie recognized me and came to sit by me! We started talking and catching up then made plans to meet one day for lunch and that was it! We decided that it would not only be a great opportunity for us as business partners to start a team but to run our team as a family business! Each of our clients will have both Julie and myself behind them every step of the way!    -Ashley


What is your best advice for a client when buying a home/selling a home?


A  Trust & Patience! It’s a very exciting time but it can be a very stressful time also for either side or both sides.  Trust is hard to give so don’t hesitate to ask your agent any questions.  Everyone has different levels of knowledge about buying or selling a home.  If you feel you can’t ask your agent a simple or even complex question then move on.  We tell our potential clients “in our eyes information is free and the more you know the better off you will be.”   As for patience, we all loss it sometimes.  Remember no one has a crystal ball, all you can do is gather all the information possible and make the best educated decision.  Our job is to help with both!  -Ashley

women professional headshots

Meet Julie Knight

Q How long have you been in real estate?

1 year 5 months, but my background is in accounting and finance with 17 years of experience.

Q What’s your favorite thing to do listing a house or helping a buyer shop for a house?

Ashley and I are both go getters so we really like being the buyer agent because you are constantly researching and moving toward our client’s goals of a new home.  As a Listing agent you always get to a point of “wait and see”, Ashley and I are not that good at waiting and seeing…. We are always looking for a way to make this part shorter!


What is something people may not know about you?

 I was blessed with 5-year-old twins, a boy and a girl.  They are little rays of sunshine with special needs.  I am their #1 advocate and that has taught me how to be my clients #1 advocate.


Q Where is your favorite place to shop?

Shop yeah right…but Drug Emporium is my guilty pleasure place!

modern headshotMeet Ashely Edge

Q How long have you been in real estate?

I’ve been in Real Estate for 10 months.

What is something people may not know about you?

A  Growing up I wanted to be a neonatal nurse! I was 2 months premature and weighed 2 lbs. and here I am today bc of the care of those great nurses and doctors 🙂


Q Where is your favorite place to shop?

A  Amazon or Target

women in business

When asked what their favorite color is they both answered purple. It has been stated that if purple is your favorite color you are sensitive and compassionate, understanding and supportive, thinking of others before yourself – you are the person others come to for help – being needed motivates you! Going off of this info I would say if you need help selling your home these are the gals for the job.

Congratulations on your newly established team! I know you are going to strive to be the best!



Jennifer Beslin

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